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Empowering Your Investments Worldwide with Faith Global FX

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Trade Forex from your Desktop

Discover the ever changing realm of currency trading right on your computer screen with Faith Global FX. Our easy to use and exclusive trading software offer real-time updates, easy to understand charts, and swift transactions. With Faith Global FX, you have the tools to grab chances in the worldwide currency market. Be part of our global community of traders who depend on Faith Global FX for all their forex trading, and start observing the distinction today.

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Detailed charts with various indicators for technical analysis.

Awesome ImageTrade Execution

Instant execution of buy/sell orders with one click.

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Real-time news updates relevant to currency markets.

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Access to market analysis, economic calendars, and trading signals.

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Ability to personalize layout, colors, and features based on preferences.

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Stop-loss orders, limit orders, and other risk management features.

Why Choose Us


IOS Platform

Trade Forex from your IOS

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  • Ultra fast trade execution

  • Trading from a smartphone or tablet

  • No dealing desk, no requotes

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Trade Forex from your Desktop

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4.7Million +


Trade from Anywhere
with our Mobile App

Trade forex anytime, anywhere with Faith Global Fx App: Access real-time quotes, execute trades, manage your portfolio, and stay informed with market news all from your mobile device.

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Real-Time Quotes

Instant access to live forex quotes and price charts.

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Notification feature

Customizable alerts for price movements, news updates, and order status.


Risk Disclosure

In addition to volatile markets, economic fluctuations, and geopolitical fluctuations, trading on FOREX platforms has inherent risks. Trading activities that involve leverage can result in substantial losses beyond initial investments, so it is crucial to consider one's risk tolerance and financial situation carefully before engaging in them. Faith Global FX offers trading services that do not guarantee profits or may result in losses. Past performance does not guarantee future results, so traders should seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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