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Early Stage

Cultural Significance

FAITH in Sanskrit means 'Sraddha'. It resonates with our cultural heritage, inspiring our name as a tribute. Drawing from its profound metaphor, we embed its essence into our philosophy. Creativity and innovation have always been vital parts of our culture, methods, and plans throughout our business journey.

The Establishment

Established as KIGX GROUP

Faith Global Investments Group, initially founded as KIGX GROUP in India, expanded globally across various sectors, including investments, real estate, construction, exports, and imports. In 2020, it launched Faith Global Investments in the UAE, marking a crucial step in its international journey and solidifying its global presence.

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Global Presence

Expansion and Transformation

By 2010, fueled by a passionate desire to expand, the group commenced on a outstanding expansion journey, moving it onto an accelerated path of growth and diversification across continents.

Unwavering Dedication

Global Footprint

With continuous dedication and a passion for exploration, Faith Global Investments Group transcends boundaries. Originating in India, our reach extends worldwide with offices, manufacturing, trading, and partnerships across the Middle East, Europe, UK, USA, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Africa.

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Risk Disclosure

In addition to volatile markets, economic fluctuations, and geopolitical fluctuations, trading on FOREX platforms has inherent risks. Trading activities that involve leverage can result in substantial losses beyond initial investments, so it is crucial to consider one's risk tolerance and financial situation carefully before engaging in them. Faith Global FX offers trading services that do not guarantee profits or may result in losses. Past performance does not guarantee future results, so traders should seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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